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Parul Institute of Architecture & Research

A Colony at Dharmshala, Himachal Pradesh.
The present study is an academic attempt to designing a prototype habitat for the Tibetan Migrants at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India. For the same, the Himalayan context is studied along with the cultural traits of the Tibetan Migrants. Their current issues are found, and the project is envisaged as a catalyst to address their problems. Based on the same, a set of design guidelines was formulated for designing the colony without disrupting the local context, climate, community, culture and construction. Lastly, the study ends with the depiction and description of the proposed design for the project along with the inferences derived from the exercise.
The scope of the work was limited to designing a habitat for a fixed number of Tibetan immigrants in the chosen site at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh with respect to the context, culture, community, climate and construction of the region. The study would provide a schematic design for the proposed habitat through a thorough process of investigation and research.
It was presumed that as the influx of the refugees may vary time to time, the number of refugees was to be defined by counting the number of Tibetan refugees who are already staying there but are devoid of a shelter. Accordingly, the habitat was to be designed.

The intent of the study was to demonstrate the design of a prototype colony for the Tibetans migrating to India. The project intended to showcase a design approach intended to provide a habitat design for the migrants which not only responds to the local climate, culture, physical condition and the built context; but also provides incremental flexibilities within the residences, frequently required by the migrant families due to the uncertain influx of additional members, at times. In addition to the community spaces, the proposed habitat was also supposed to incorporate production and distribution cells for the inhabitants which would help them to achieve self-sufficiency.